Our mission is “ To provide a better opportunities and alternatives for upliftment of Underprivileged group, especially women and children through better aids ”

BVVS Project

BALIKA VIDYA VOUCHER SCHEME (BVVS) is purely to promote ‘Girl Child Education in Govt. Schools’.
Why? -- Aims/Objectives.
  • Promotion of GIRL CHILD EDUCATION.
  • Equality in educational OPPORTUNITY FOR GIRLS.
  • Reduce possibilities of CHILD MARRIAGE.
  • Improve the STANDARD OF EDUCATION in Government schools.
  • Improve the INFRASTRUCTURE of the Government schools.
Why Special Focus?
  • To cover and support the genuine needy children who are left out from Government Schemes or not eligible for Government Schemes.
  • To cover economically backward girls between the classes 5th and 8th will be covered under BALIKA VIDYA VOUCHER SCHEME.
  • Girls who are financially weak, have a vulnerable family background and are struggle for their basic education.
  • The focus would be on districts which have very low literacy rate for girls.
Why we are working?
  • Today’s children are tomorrow’s FUTURE of the Country. To make a bright future India, GIRL CHILD EDUCATION is an inevitable need of the hour.
  • Only education ensures the enjoyment of childhood and also provide various positive ways/ options for future of every individual.
  • GIRL CHILD EDUCATION is the only tool to counter a lot of other social issue, health issue and economical related issues in each and every family.
  • A pioneer social service project for the infrastructure development of selected schools (Government/Semi-Govt.) of the district and it will be an integral part of the project under CSR activity.
  • The donor corporate organization will get a complete CSR report in the form of feedback report from the school and NGO.
Proposed Outcomes:
  • To reduce financial burden of parents on their Girl child education.
  • To provide basic amenities to the girls children at Govt. schools all over India (initially at only Delhi).
  • To make a binding relation among the children, parents, school teachers, Government network, local volunteers with Social service organization and corporate CSR organizations etc for overall improvement of the living standard and atmosphere of under privileged children.
  • Outreach: The program basically designed for a ‘DISTRICT MODEL’ and would be expanded depending upon the willingness of the Sponsors/CSR partners of project.
  • Our prime aim is to reach maximum number of schools in the selected DISTRICT FIRST and then increase number of district in a State.

News & Events

To promote Girl Child Education, PRERNA is launching a project namely BALIKA VIDYA VOUCHER SCHEME (BVVS) on 19.4.2015 at USI Auditorium, Dhaula Kuan, New Delhi.

Respected Donors

Savita Panwar , Delhi

Girl children sponsored under BVVS

Girl children awaiting sponsors under BVVS


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